Goals for Toddlers

Social and Emotional Skills

Begins to identify and show basic feelings such as happy, sad, mad, scared

Shows concern for friends

✔ Accepts and responds to teacher’s suggestions and guidance

✔ Begins to enjoy the company of other friends

✔ Begins to show interest in group activities

✔ Begins to show increasing independence with play

Fine Motor Skills

✔ Begins coloring with crayons

✔ Paints with large paint brush

✔ Begins playing with play dough

✔ Uses fingers to grasp small objects

✔ Begins building a towers with large blocks

Language Skills

✔ Begins to communicate wants and needs and sometimes verbalizing wants and needs

✔ Listens to simple stories quietly

✔ Points to object or picture when it’s named for him/her

✔ Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts

✔ Begins to use 2 word sentences

✔ Follows a simple direction “Sit in your chair”

✔ Can identify some animals and the sounds they make

Self Reliance Skills

✔ Able to answer to own name and begins to say own name

✔ Begins pointing to and identifying basic body parts such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth

✔ Assists with putting toys and supplies away

✔ Sits in a chair unassisted

✔ Begins feeding self with spoon unassisted

✔ Assists in undressing/ dressing self

Gross Motor Skills

✔ Throws a large ball forward

✔ Enjoys climbing

✔ Jumps on two feet in place

✔ Kicks a ball forward

✔ Begins to run

Cognitive Skills

✔ Begins to notice and name different shapes

✔ Explores basic physical properties (hard, soft, hot, cold, wet, and dry)

✔ Identifies some colors

✔ Begins counting to 10

✔ Shows an interest in reciting or singing ABC’s

✔ Recognizes and sometimes repeats basic nursery rhymes

✔ Shows interests in songs

✔ Recognizes a schedule of events