Preschoolers (4-5)

Goals for Preschoolers (4-5)

Social and Emotional Skills

✔ Respects and shows concern for friends

✔ Accepts and responds to teacher’s suggestions and authority

✔ Plays cooperatively with others

✔ Resolves conflicts appropriately through use of words

✔ Participates and attends to activities such as circle time and learning activities for a longer period of time

✔ Shows empathy towards other children

✔ Demonstrates confidence and pride in self

✔ Seeks to solve problems using problem solving skills

Fine Motor Skills

✔ Independently strings small beads

✔ Independently puts together 10+ piece puzzles

✔ Appropriately uses scissors with control to cut along straight and curved lines

✔ Uses crayons with control and mature grip

✔ Draws a human figure with body parts

✔ Begins to write first and last name using appropriate capitalization (“John Smith”)

✔ Ability to feed self independently using utensils

Language Skills

✔ Listens quietly to stories read aloud with lengthening attention span

✔ Follows a sequence of three simple directions

✔ Responds to a story by recalling basic details and answering questions

✔ Identifies the main idea of pictures and stories

✔ Predicts what will happen next in a story

✔ Retells the main events in a story


✔ Speaks clearly and fluently

✔ Verbalizes wants and needs

✔ Effectively communicates in complete sentences

✔ Waits for turn speaking during group activities such as circle time

✔ Contributes to group discussions

✔ Uses expanding vocabulary


✔ Is aware of environmental print such as names of friends, center signs, etc

✔ Identifies the parts of a book such as cover, title, back of the book, spine of the book etc

✔ Recognizes and uses left to bottom progression

✔ Recognizes and uses top to bottom progression

✔ Identifies and produces rhyming words

✔ Identifies likenesses and differences

✔ Identifies upper and lower case letters

✔ Identifies letter sounds

Self Reliance Skills

✔ Able to identify own name, gender, and age, and birthday

✔ Recognizes, names, and points to body parts such as head, face parts, chin, arms, hands, legs, knees, feet, etc

✔ Independently puts toys and supplies away

✔ Independently displays self-help skills such as toileting, hand washing, putting on shoes and coat and zipping

✔ Follows directions

✔ Uses work materials properly as well as cleans when finished

✔ Independently follows classroom routines

✔ Works when appropriate on given tasks

✔ Works cooperatively in small groups

✔ Seeks only fair share of teachers’ attention

✔ Works neatly

Gross Motor Skills

✔ Throws and catches a ball

✔ Jumps on two feet in place

✔ Hops from one foot to the other

✔ Kicks a ball forward

Math Skills

✔ Rote counts to 30

✔ Identifies numbers 1-30

✔ Uses 1:1 correspondence of objects to 10

✔ Orders numerals in sequence 0-9

✔ Identifies and draws shapes such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, heart, rhombus (diamond)

✔ Produces a simple pattern of objects

✔ Categorizes objects by shapes, colors, sizes, textures

✔ Knows opposite words (hot/cold)

✔ Knows directional and positional words (up/down)

✔ Applies the concept of more than, less than, equal and not equal

✔ Adds and subtracts up to 10 objects

✔ Names/recognizes penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar

✔ Recognizes concepts of calendar time using appropriate vocabulary (days of the week, months of the year

Science/Health Skills

✔ Makes predictions before experiments

✔ Collects data and records results using graphs or lists

✔ Seeks information through observation and exploration

✔ Identifies and uses 5 senses (when appropriate) during exploration

✔ Observes and describes properties of different kinds of objects and how they are used (clay, wood, cloth, paper, etc)

Social Studies Skills

✔ Identifies similarities and differences in people

✔ Begins to understand how people rely on others for goods and services

✔ Identifies and describes the jobs of various “helpers” in the community

✔ Explores the use of technology and how the use of technology affects life

✔ Understands basic rules, how to follow them, and why rules are important and necessary

✔ Begins to understand what it means to be a leader

✔ Recognizes and understands the concept of change in various settings

✔ Understands the meaning of celebrated holidays and special days in the community