Preschoolers (3)

Goals for Preschool (3 years old)

Social and Emotional Skills

✔ Respects and shows concern for friends

✔ Accepts and responds to teacher’s suggestions and authority

✔ Begins to play cooperatively with others

✔ Begins to resolve conflicts appropriately through use of words

✔ Participates and attends to activities such as circle time and learning activities for a longer period of time

Fine Motor Skills

✔ Independently strings four ½ inch beads

✔ Independently puts together 6-7 piece puzzles

✔ Begins cutting with scissors

✔ Begins coloring with crayons with increasing control

✔ Begins using proper grip of crayon- uses fingers versus fist

✔ Draws a combination of simple shapes such as a house or person

✔ Begins to write first name in capital letters

Language Skills

✔ Listens quietly to stories read aloud

✔ Begins to follow a sequence of three simple directions

✔ Responds to a story by recalling basic details


✔ Verbalizes wants and needs

✔ Effectively communicates in 5-6 word sentences

✔ Begins taking turns speaking during group activities such as circle time

✔ Correctly uses pronouns such as I, you, me, he, and she

✔ Shows an increase in vocabulary


✔ Recognizes letters and some sounds

✔ Shows an increasing awareness of environmental print such as names of friends, center signs, etc

✔ Begins to identify the parts of a book such as cover, title, back of the book, spine of the book etc

✔ Understands directional and positional words such as in, out, over, under, on, off, top, bottom, in front of, in back of

✔ Identifies opposites such as up/down; open/closed; stop/go; happy/sad; slow/fast; hot/cold

✔ Recognizes own name and identifies letters in own name

Self Reliance Skills

✔ Able to identify own name, sex, and age

✔ Able to point to six body parts when named

✔ Names body parts such as head, face parts, chin, arms, hands, legs, knees, feet, etc

✔ Assists with putting toys and supplies away

✔ Begins becoming independent with self-help skills such as toileting, hand washing, putting on shoes and coat and zipping

✔ Follows directions

✔ Uses work materials properly as well as cleans when finished

✔ Begins to follow classroom routines independently

✔ Begins to work on tasks independently

✔ Begins working cooperatively in small groups

Gross Motor Skills

✔ Throws and catches a large ball

✔ Jumps on two feet in place

✔ Hops from one foot to the other

✔ Kicks a ball forward

Math and Science Skills

✔ Names and identifies basic shapes such as circle, triangle, square, and rectangle

✔ Identifies basic colors

✔ Sorts objects according to basic colors

✔ Rote counts to 20

✔ Identifies numbers 1-20

✔ Uses 1:1 correspondence of objects to 5

✔ Identifies number of objects without counting (up to five objects)

✔ Begins to recognize simple patterns

✔ Begins to understand and sort according to physical properties such as hard, soft, hot, cold, wet and dry

✔ Begins to compare and contrast according to physical properties

✔ Begins to observe and describe characteristics of living things

Social Studies Skills

✔ Begins to recognize similarities and differences in people

✔ Explores how people rely on others for goods and services

✔ Explores various “helpers” in the community

✔ Explores the use of technology

✔ Understands basic rules and how to follow them

✔ Explores celebrated holidays and special days in the community