Goals for Infants (6 weeks-12 months)

Social and Emotional Skills

✔ Begins to identify and recognize caretakers, even reaching out to them in time

✔ Begins to respond with cooing or facial expressions when spoken to and interacted with

✔ Begins to mimic language with simple sounds or reactions

✔ Cries, smiles, and coos as an appropriate response to environment

✔ Responds to language or music

✔ Self-soothing

✔ Responds differently with familiar and unfamiliar adults

✔ Begins to show interest in other peers or adults

✔ Becomes aware of own body (ex: Discovers feet)Becomes aware of own body (ex: Discovers feet)

✔ Engages in acts of self-care (Ex: moves hands together when washing hands)

✔ Shows confidence in emerging skills

Language Skills

✔ Seeks or looks towards language or music

✔ Responds when spoken to with eye contact, facial expression, or by making a noise

✔ Babbles and coos

✔ Copies words or sounds modeled

✔ Shows an interest in movement and song

Fine Motor Skills

✔ Begins grasping toy with whole hands and later with fingers

✔ Uses “Pincher Grasp” to pick up food or toy

✔ Uses hands to hold own bottle

✔ Uses hands to clap or wave

✔ Coordinates eye and hand movements

✔ Uses different actions: (kicks, pinches, swipes, pats, etc)

Gross Motor Skills

✔ Moves body, arms, and legs with coordination

✔ Rolls from Tummy to back or back to tummy

✔ Crawls or “Army” crawls with arms/ legs

✔ Sits up without support

✔ Pulls weight of body up into standing position

✔ Kicks legs to bounce or rock while supported

✔ Walks while assisted or holding onto support

Cognitive Skills

✔ Recognizes common care-takers

✔ Responds appropriately to environmental stimuli

✔ Copies behaviors modeled (example: Clapping, waving, peek-a-boo)

✔ Respond to verbal direction (example: being told yes or no)

✔ Uses senses to explore objects, people, and the environment

✔ Makes things happen and watches for results of repeat actions

✔ Searches for missing or hidden objects