Community Awareness Projects

Community Awareness Projects

At Beacon, we believe it is important to teach our students about being part of a community. This idea is utilized often within our school, and occasionally we engage in community projects to benefit the people, animals, and environment we live and participate in.


Here are just some of the ways we show love to our community:


February/ March: Feed the birds! Make home-made bird feeders to place in nature to help birds find food as they begin to emerge from migration.

April: Help keep our earth clean! Create LITTER bags. Decorate a bag that you will use to take to a public location (neighborhood, park, etc) and collect garbage/ litter to place in the appropriate location- a trash can!

May: Teacher Appreciation week: Show love, kindness, support and appreciation for your teachers through planned activities.

July: Honor our troops: Beacon will collect items to ship to our troops serving in our armed forces, and the children will decorate cards to send with the package.

September: Community Helper Appreciation: Create signs/ cards and treats to share with our community helpers. Please notify our administration if you know of or are a community helper that we could honor during this time.

October: Socks for Sharing: with donations given to “A note in my Pocket” organization non-profit community organization.

November/ December: Beacon will participate in a book collection event to collect new books for families in need during the holidays.


Activities may be subject to change if we have other suggestions or the children show an interest in helping in another fashion.